Donna Ludwinski

Donna is Director of Research Programs at Solving Kids Cancer, an organisation dedicated to selectively funding research and clinical trials for new, inventive treatments and combinations of treatments for aggressive childhood cancers with low survival rates. Admiration for the Solving Kids Cancer mission and method noted while her son Erik battled neuroblastoma led to a productive collaboration after his death in 2010. Donna is a voracious consumer of medical literature and has has spent most of her waking hours the past 8 years reading and reporting on clinical and pre-clinical papers and abstracts on paediatric solid tumours. She attends major oncology conferences and keeps abreast of promising research leads. A lay member of the Therapeutic Development Initiative of Solving Kids Cancer, she assists in identifying, analysing, and cultivating promising therapeutic leads to bring novel therapies into the clinic quickly. Passionate about providing resources and advocating for families dealing with childhood cancer, she also serves as a liaison with other foundations with similar goals and focus.