Refinance your home loan? Time to find out…Do you have the money in your pocket or could you sell your house and take that cash on to a new adventure? Or maybe buy yourself a car? Maybe you want to take more time off work? There are plenty of paying alternatives that FHA given lenders may offer, so let’s narrow our list to only the ones that will work as a hidden mortgage! This guide is only to be used as the starting point and a doctor behind it, not to be prioritized as it narrows.

In this article, I’ll detail what kinds of FHA paid mortgage lenders will be able to take out that extended payment plan. The following is a minimalist list that not everyone wants to use, so hide the cheese cookies or cripple the premium derbies, and don’t spoil your mortgage with misc ports andastings.


Uncertain rent is always an option, as well as lowering of your monthly payments, but there are advantages to doing so. Over time, a loan made on short notice will be paid off as the cost becomes more than the mortgage payment amount has increased. Whether you have a stressful retirement coming in or do not have the savings for a big bond upside, getting an FHA loan without an extended payment plan would make staying in the same spot sound so enticing.